Back Turning Kick

General notes:

As I am sure any fighter who uses kicks to good use in competition will agree, the back turning kick is the most devastating kicks any martial artist can have in their arsenal. Mostly used for offence seeing as it requires a lot of 'winding up', it is (in my opinion and experience) the most powerful kick that can be executed. The power comes from a wide range of muscle groups including an almost full rotation of the hips and when performed with a 'hopping' movement in, the best defence in to move out of the way! Not only can this kick be preceded by other kicks to make an effective combination (see the front kick, back turning kick video), but can also be followed by more kicks as a very powerful combination starter.

1) Stand in the ready stance.
2) While transferring the weight on to the leading foot, start to bring the head round, following it with the torso, then the hips and eventually the kicking leg. Pivot on the ball of the foot while doing this so that eventually the foot is pointing away from the target area.

3) Start to bend the leg so that the lower part of the kicking leg is pointing in the direction of the target. Keep an eye on the target from now on by looking over your shoulder towards it.

4) This is the chamber position. Bring the upper half of the leg up. At this point, the whole body has been wound up and the torquing motion of the body is now transferred over to the kicking leg to be pushed out towards its target.
5) The point of contact. Don't forget that this isn't the spinning hook kick, so don't get confused by bringing the whole leg round once you have executed the technique - the leg should have been 'pushed out' towards its target.
6) All of the torquing motion should have been translated into the kick, so the leg should be brought down into an opposite stance that you originally started from.
7) Place the kicking foot on the floor to regain balance. Back in to the ready stance.


Back kick
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