This site is intended to offer free and experienced advice on the basic way of throwing and applying the various types of kick that are in the martial art world at this moment. This site caters for both beginner and expert martial artists.

For the more advanced martial arts practitioner, the site teaches kicking techniques like spinning and jumping techniques as well as flowing combinations of defensive and offensive kicks.

For a martial artist who is just starting to learn the techniques of kicking, the site describes each and every basic kick in detail by breaking down the several stages involved in each kick, and graphically represents them, so that the beginner can learn at his/her own pace.

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CONTACT ME! is for anyone who wishes to contact me directly on my private e-mail address with questions or comments. I check this account frequently, so you should get a reply very quickly.

STANCES goes through a few stances that I have adopted while training in various martial arts. All have their advantages and disadvantages, but a more detailed analysis can be found here.

The TUTORIAL section is designed for the beginner; it guides you through each stage of any kick listed, breaking down the kick in easy to view, easy to follow pictures. A description accompanies each still to allow the learner to execute the kick more easily.

The VIDEOS section is exactly that. Each and every kick that is described in the TUTORIAL section has been recorded using a digital camera as a (.avi) format. The kick is shown being executed right through from start to finish. You must have a media player like Windows media player installed to view them. Click the link below to download the Windows player.

The FORUM is a place where you can express your views and opinions not just to me, but to anyone else who wishes to visit the site and offer an opinion to the public. This might not just be about the site, but the world of martial arts altogether.

The GUESTBOOK is for anyone and everyone to sign! It would be greatly appreciated if you could drop a note, even if it were just to put your name down. It would be great to know that this site wasn't made in vein!

This site is not intended to teach a particular style of kicking, but to teach the 'basics' of kicking that is common for most of the martial arts. I have had experience of three martial arts that use forms of kicking, and although they were all different in a few ways, they all contained a rudimentary structure to the kick that was shared by all of them. It is this knowledge of this rudimentary structure that I hope to bring across in this web site. I have spent a lot of time trying to develop a system of self-defence that comprises of purely kicks, but after a lot of consideration, would be impractical. So therefore, this web-site only deals with only a small percentage of what self-defence is really about, it doesn't teach a complete way of defending yourself, only a tool to help develop the kicking aspect of self-defence. Depending on how successful this web-site is, I shall be making more sites that will go in to the other sides of self-defence including punching, blocking, throwing, and joint-locking techniques that when combined in a such a manner, produce a very efficient way of self-defence.

About me

My martial arts experience started at 6 years of age where I started learning Judo at a local club in London taught by a very experienced 8th Dan Judoka, Professor Morioka and his wife Penny (1st Dan). I then brought this experience of Judo to my school of St. Dunstans college where I continued training under the instruction of (2nd Dan) Simon Hicks and his wife Margaret (5th Dan). After many years of training, I started learning other forms of Martial arts from local clubs, ranging from Nippon Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo, Ren-Shin-Kai Karate (Under the instruction of Lloyd Williams) and Taekwondo (George Daily) respectively. In the final years of college I taught Judo to 7-14 year olds twice every week between training at both Karate and Taekwondo during the week. This began my fascination for the kicking aspect of martial arts, and my commitment over the years to the martial arts have been spent towards perfecting each basic kick so that they can be as fast and as powerful as possible, as well as applying what I have learnt to develop my own ways of combining kicks.

I am currently training in the Brazilian art of Capoeira in London and play in both Regents park and Greenwich park.

I have an ambition to pass on what I have been taught and what I have developed personally to a class of willing students. I guess this is the reason why I have developed this web-site since if there are people who enjoy using this page for reference, it can further fuel my desire for my ambition !

Thanks go to:

Dan Arber for the assistance in taking the photographs.

My sister, Vicky Pyne for helping me with the final touches on the web-site.

And finally to Mike Jardine for coming to my aid in designing this site.

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