Twisting Kick

General notes:

Quite a difficult kick to learn, the twisting kick is fundamentally a kick executed like the front kick but the angle of attack is quite different. Primarily used by Taekwondo fighters, the history of this kick dates back to ancient Korea where the jumping version of this kick was developed to kick riders off of their horses. Obviously, the same attack has a different purpose now, one of more practicality. The main strength of this kick lies in its very unpredictable angle of attack. One of the major drawbacks is that it does not rely too much on the movement of the hips, making this kick a bit on the weak side for power. This kick is quite complex, and I do not recommend any beginners attempting this kick without being sure they are flexible enough to do so. Like the axe kick, it places great strain on the hamstrings in the leg.

1) Stand in the ready stance.
2) Begin to lift the kicking leg up in front, across the body.
3) This is the chamber position. The leg is brought up very high and the toes are pulled right back. Keep the arms up and look towards the target.
4) This is the point of contact. The kick is brought up, and to the side, so that the ball of the foot would land to the side of the persons head. The movement from 3) to 4) should be a smooth one, with the lifting of the upper part of the leg to give the momentum to the lower half to maximise its power.
5) The kick should be brought down in exactly the same path again.
6) Place the kicking leg down in to its original position following the same path.
7) Back in to the ready position.


Twisting kick

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